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How To Sleep Better? Does Mattress Affect Your Sleep And Health?

Sleeping better is the most important to give your body a proper rest after a long and hectic day. We spend one-third of a lifetime sleeping. So, it is essential to feel comfortable while sleeping and for this, you need to have a perfect mattress. Throughout the day, we are involved in different activities and keep changing our positions, but at night we need more comfort which only a comfy mattress can provide. So it is always good to be choosy while buying a new mattress to sleep better.  An old and itchy mattress does not only affect your sleep but can also leave you with neck and lower back pain in the morning.

It is a known fact that sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress has negative consequences. It not only results in poor quality sleep but also has adverse effects on our health. While sleeping it is essential to keep the spine aligned, and a mattress plays a crucial role in regulating our body position and temperature during the night. Here we have mentioned five ways your mattress affect your sleep and health:

A New Mattress Lowers Stress

Several studies proved that a new mattress helps in lowering the stress levels either by improving sleep quality or decreasing body pain (neck & back pain).

Old Mattress Can Cause Allergies

As you already know that the older your mattress get, the more dust particles stick into it, and that may lead to allergies. It is also very harmful to asthma patients. Washing your mattress in hot water may help, but if your mattress is too old, it is better to buy a new one.

Turning & Tossing May Affect Sleep

If you are not feeling comfortable on your mattress and your sleep is interrupted many times a night, then it is a sign for buying a new mattress. 

Firm-Level Matters

Every individual has its comfort level. The mattress that is comfortable to one may not be to the other. So, when buying a new mattress, it is recommended to lay on it for 15-20 minutes to find it comfortable.

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